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Professional Investigators
Founded & Managed by Proven Leaders

[ 20+ years in sales, recruiting and business management]


After interviewing and selling to thousands of people, owning and managing businesses, we know how to find anything you need.  We have also built a huge social network that is leveraged on every project.  We're not afraid of asking the hard questions or calling someone out when they are being deceitful!  We are your advocates for honest and accurate information.  Global Impartial Procurement Research.


We have met with, interviewed and prospected literally thousands of companies over the years.  So now, we understand who is out there in the market or at least where to start looking for them.  Whether you need a new contract manufacturer of a widget in Vietnam or a new IT Service provider in the United States, we can help you find the right one!  We don't allow for any gratuity from potential vendors what so ever - Just the facts! 


You stay completely confidential until you're ready to purchase or reach out to discuss things further.