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If you need something...a product, service, business partner...something...  We find that something for you and you stay completely confidential until you're ready to purchase.  We handle the research, sales meetings, negotiations (if requested) and you get a simple report to make an informed, impartial decision from.  Easy Peasy...

Sales Call|Screen


You are getting bombarded with sales calls and are tired of going through the voicemails of yet another salesperson.  Send them to us!  We will field the calls, itemize their offerings and contact information and provide the details in a monthly report.  You can quickly read through and determine if you have any interest in calling them directly, or engaging us for a Vendor|Screen project to get the best to rise to the top!

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VIP/Personal Services


You are a celebrity, executive, retired or anyone that wants to remain anonymous. Anyone that needs something, but doesn't want to actually meet with someone to get it.  We can get it for you!  Anything...  Seriously anything....  You want it, we find it, make sure it is the best one available and purchase it for you.  Again...simple and stress free purchasing!  And no one knows you're buying it....because we are!

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